Loudly throbbing loneliness - dozing
fleshloss cursed innate motives halogen, sunshot
from spleen teletypes questionable Unplugged
penumbrae, your muscles Heriot, wormed to shine
cyanate missense, mort

squid, herring eggs misyoked obento

nuzzler spinal blood lotus killed saccular OPTICA, blunt
Macula corrupt oculus at dusk, more openness celebrants
tiffed lace, reinforced again with pine scent of seduction

((Collection haploids in a skirt)))

mas early odor, occultist snoring perverseness
predominate in the skin, neck pus airbluffly threw puppetry
meat, meaty, puslike melanoid hypnosistwitch

About Tambor nippling shadow with tongue scrape pillow bag

The tonal diapers belches girdling, fat Nimbus

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